The Haunting of Helena (2012)

The Haunting of Helena (2012)

  • Release Date:  2012
  • Genre:  Ghost & Spirit
  • Director:  Ascanio Malgarini, Christian Bisceglia
  • Screenwriter:  Christian Bisceglia

The Haunting of Helena (2012)Rating:

  • Eloise = 4 / 10;
  • Raoul = 3.5 / 10;

The Haunting of Helena (2012) Synopsis:

Following the loss of her first baby tooth, Helena starts to be visited by a mean fairy tooth who is a lot more real than Helena mother would like to believe.

The Haunting of Helena (2012) Review:

The Haunting of Helena is nothing more than a mediocre ghost story, and here is why in my opinion.

First, the movie re-uses all the usual elements of the ghost genre to make a film that brings no real novelty at all. It is based on one great idea, but that idea is used only in the last ten minutes, leaving the rest of the flick to be another of these lame stories where a kid sees a ghost and no one believes him/her, then the mum believes him/her, but no one believes the mum, etc. Too many of these films out there…

Here, the story is centered around the Tooth-Fairy, a concept far from new since it was already used in the 2003’s film Darkness Falls, the latter being a far better ghost film than the one presented here.

In The Haunting of Helena, apart from a few interesting scenes such as the teeth rain, the film is an absolute cliché of the genre, and very predictable too. The acting quality is poor and, along with the image, betrays the low-budget of the film. Only the last scenes bring some interest and save the film from receiving an even worse rating. I wouldn’t recommend this film.

The Haunting of Helena (2012) Cast

Harriet MacMasters-Green Harriet MacMasters-Green Sophia
Sabrina Jolie Perez Sabrina Jolie Perez Helena
Jarreth J. Merz Jarreth J. Merz Robert
Matt Patresi Matt Patresi Patrick
Paolo Paoloni Paolo Paoloni Ferri
Giuliano Montaldo Giuliano Montaldo Dr. Fabiano
Susanna Cornacchia Susanna Cornacchia The Fairy
Marco Fattibene Marco Fattibene Battista Greco
Lucrezia Tosi Lucrezia Tosi Ghost Child
Massimiliano Carnevale Massimiliano Carnevale Asylum Patient
Angela Presepi Angela Presepi Miss Cavendish
Marco Basile Marco Basile Marco
Melania Maccaferri Melania Maccaferri Nurse Manuela
Alice Filippi Alice Filippi Nurse Alice
Alessia Cannavale Alessia Cannavale Baby Sitter

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